Recruitment for Fall 2019 Has closed.

If you're interested in joining the UnEarthed team in the future, please read the descriptions below and familiarize yourself with how we structure our club.

If you are interested in being a part of our organization in the future, consider applying during our spring recruitment round in January 2020! Until then, please feel free to email any questions to unearthed.penn@gmail.com. 


Our writers create all content for the magazine - the beef, the juice, the good stuff. What our writers write about, how they write it, and what they want to say are all up to our writers' creative discretion. There is a lot of flexibility and creativity in our writing positions. Each writer will get to choose what they want to write for each issue, and will submit their work to an associate or managing editor for two editing sessions before the work is considered a final draft for publishing by the Editor-in-Chief.

Associate Editor

Associate editors each lead a group of 2-3 writers in helping specially tailor the articles toward the target audience of middle & high school students. They play a critical role in keeping UnEarthed's quality of writing high, and in ensuring that all writing is completed on time.  In particular, associate editors work closely with both the mangaging editor and Editor-in-Chief in determining the general direction of the publication. It is a position with both creative and leadership capacities.


Our design team creates each page of the publication, from layout, to color scheme, graphics, font choice, images, and more. Again, this is a highly creative endeavor, and we accord our designers with full creative freedom to bring to life whatever they can think of for our iconic kid-friendly spreads. The VP of design oversees all spreads for each issue, and individual designers will be responsible for creating the layout for at least one article per semester. 

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