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Message about the Black Lives Matter movement
Knowledge is power.
UnEarthed Penn stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black community against the disgusting murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, as well as historic systematic racism in the United States. We recognize that there are many aspects in society which relentlessly construct barriers and promote injustices that disproportionately hurt our Black and minority communities. One of these aspects is education, and our mission at UnEarthed is to provide educational resources to underprivileged students in Philadelphia, a majority of whom are African American. We believe education is key in attaining long-term equality. In that vein, we have asked our members to contribute to a donation to Harriett’s Bookshop, a black-owned indie bookstore in Philly, who shares our motto of knowledge being power, and have been giving out free books of Harriett Tubman to protesters throughout the week. We are excited to announce that we have raised and donated $350 to Harriett’s Bookshop to support our shared goals. We highly encourage you to donate to them as well! Because we are committed to the future of the Philadelphia community, below are some of many places you can donate to help support the Black community and fight injustice in Philly. We hope everyone stays engaged and remains active in our fight against institutional racism, and we look forward to returning to distribute our magazines to schools as soon as possible. 
Black-owned Bookstores:
Harriett’s Bookshop:
Uncle Bobbie’s:
Books and Stuff:
Other Places to Donate:
Philly Bail Fund:
Philly Community Bail Fund:
BLM Philly:
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