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A Beginners Guide to Fantasy

By Katrin Gross

Wizards. Monsters. Time travel. Magic. Fantasy encompasses all the things we dream about and wish were a part of our world. Some books even take place in made up worlds that we’ve never heard of. By reading fantasy, you get to experience that magic and immerse yourself in a world you never imagined. But where do you start? Which books do you read first if you’ve never tried fantasy? Or, if you have, what do you want to read next?

If you’re a younger reader…

These books are shorter and have lots of pictures. They’re perfect if you’re just starting out on your reading journey!

Magic Tree House - Mary Pope Osborn

In these books, Jack and Annie Smith, a brother and sister duo from Pennsylvania (just like many of you!), go on adventures together with the help of a magical tree house which transports them to new places. These books will have you traveling back in time and all over the world–to the North Pole and even to the Moon–as well as to some worlds we’ve never seen before! There are a ton of books in this series and they’re all a little different, so you can pick the stories that interest you!

Rise of the Earth Dragon - Tracey West

This is another series with plenty of books to choose from–and it has dragons! 8-year-old Drake is training to become a Dragon Master. Can he learn to train his dragon and uncover its special power? If you liked the How to Train Your Dragon movies, you’ll love these books! They have magic, wizards, and adventure as Drake and his dragon strive to help other dragons and Dragon Masters. Not to mention, these books have captivating illustrations on every page!

What if the myths are true…

If you love mythology or want to learn more about it in a fun and immersive way, you might want to give these series a try. If you want to read about gods and heroes, these books are for you!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan