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Keeping your mind happy is just as important as keeping your body healthy!

Self-care strategies you can practice at home for a healthy and happy mind.

By Marcella Soewignjo Edited by Natalie Mamaril

We’ve all heard about the importance of eating healthy and exercising to keep our bodies well-nourished and in tip-top shape, but what about our minds? Just like our bodies need the proper nutrients and physical activity to stay in good shape so that we can enjoy fun things like running and playing with our friends, our minds also need the same amount of care and attention so we can be the happiest and best versions of ourselves! When we focus on making our mental well-being our top priority, we can not only learn how to navigate our emotions better and be happier but also better ourselves for the people that we love and care about around us. Here are some fun self care-strategies that you can practice at home for a healthy and happy mind:

Painting and Coloring Out Our Emotions

Sometimes when we are feeling a lot of different emotions it can be hard to put them into words, but this is where your creativity can come in! Maybe you are feeling excited, happy, frustrated, or angry. Think about the colors and the images that come to mind when you think about how you are feeling and paint them out. When you are done painting how you feel, you can show off and describe your masterpiece to an adult you feel comfortable with, maybe that’s your teacher or one of your family members at home. Painting or coloring our emotions allows us to unwind and gives us a fun way to express ourselves in ways that words sometimes cannot do. When we paint or color, we can use our imagination to think creatively about how we are feeling and share it with those around us.

Going outdoors

While it can sometimes be hard to muster up the motivation to step outside of the house, especially when we are busy watching our favorite TV shows or playing our favorite video games, it’s always important to try to take at least a few minutes of outdoor time throughout the day. That could be anything from riding a bike around your neighborhood, going to your local playground, or going to the grocery store with a family member. You can also encourage your loved ones to join in on some outdoor fun!

Cook a meal at home with a loved one

You’ve probably heard the phrase “food for the soul.” Cooking with family and friends not only results in a tasty homemade meal, but can also be super fun, allowing you to spend some quality time with those around you. Pick out a couple of your favorite foods that you want to make, suggest them to your family members, and get cooking with them! You can also play some of your favorite tunes while cooking to get you in the mood!

There are so many different ways you can practice self-care. Doing your favorite hobbies or taking breaks are just a couple of ways you can practice good mental hygiene. Think about some of the activities that get you excited and make you happy. How can you incorporate these activities into your self-care routines? Get creative and have fun with it, you got this!


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